We assist with the choice and the introduction of a contemporary, efficient management style and we provide individual support to the higher and middle level managers in their efforts to develop their organizations. We leverage our core skills in help of the development and application of growth, marketing and business strategies, policies enhancing the market competitiveness, investment projects and the introduction of innovations. We acknowledge the fact that every consulting project requires pioneering vision, accompanied by flexible and restless minds always searching for the path to improvement
We have earned our reputation as consultants whose work has brought about measurable, visible results to their clients’ businesses, and whose efforts have increased the worth of those businesses. We have a successful track record of business expansion projects during which we have guided our clients into new niches, thus widening their market share and making them agile and responsive to the surrounding conditions. Whenever we have been asked to improve the processes within an organization, we have made a real impact on the efficiency and productivity of the service line. Even now, at times when companies fight to gain competitive advantage against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, we can help businesses to secure funding for new projects through the appropriate financial instruments, whilst exercising strict control over the application process. 
The most precise evaluation of our work is our portfolio – there are very few clients who have not sought our services repeatedly.


  • Identification, development and management of projects funded by the EU and by other donors;
  • Management consulting;
  • Organizational consulting;
  • Consultancy on marketing and business activities;
  • Crisis management and contingency business planning;