Corporate Responsibilities

Corporate ethics

It takes decades for a company to build its reputation, and only a single wrong step to ruin it. Our code of business conduct sets out the basic principles  and expectations with respect to all individuals who represent or act on behalf of DICON GROUP. This includes company employees, short or long-term experts working for the company, and official representatives. The DICON GROUP code of business conduct embodies key values which are based on honesty, professionalism, ethical behavior and integrity. 
The fundamental elements of the code of business conduct are:
  • Law-abiding and ethical behavior;
  • Care for the company’s reputation; 
  • Respect;
  • Responsible management;
  • Ensuring safety; 
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest;
  • Protecting the clients’ confidentiality;
  • Provision of corporate opportunities;
  • Protection of intellectual property;
  • Sustaining public relations;
  • Ethics in communication.

Sustainable development

At DICON GROUP we believe in the principles of sustainable development. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the boundaries of our own work; we encourage our clients to introduce such practices in their business environment by providing the necessary support to overcome their challenges and attain their goals.
Environmental protection is a key priority for our business. Due to our involvement with numerous projects in the realm of biodiversity and our experience of providing consultancies in conservation initiatives we have made it our mission to engage and advance our staff and stakeholders towards a sustainable future 

Capacity building 

We are firm believers that preparation is critical to the delivery of high quality output and success of our business.
That is why our efforts are directed towards:
  • Constantly developing the skillset of our project teams and experts;
  • Paying special attention to the junior experts, helping them to acquire the necessary skills and experience to work effectively in today’s dynamic business environment;
  • Building the capacity of our clients, allowing them to participate actively and adequately in the consultancy process by acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to continue the changes and generate new trends in future developments.