Mission, Values

The manner, in which DICON GROUP approaches its clients, partners, experts and suppliers, as well as the rest of our activities, is based entirely on our core corporate ethics. Our reputation is built on the quality of our service, our professionalism, ethical behavior, honesty, and integrity. It is these principles that shape our present and future business successes.
The following principles are fundamental to our work:
  • Delivering a measurable contribution to our clients. We ensure our future in a competitive environment through the provision of visible and lasting results to our clients;
  • Close cooperation with every client based on clearly set contractual objectives, approaches, and expected results 
  • The engagement of DICON GROUP’s full capacity with each and every commitment that the company has made, ensuring the tasks are carried out with exceptional endeavor and engagement. 
The ambitions of our corporate management are: 
  • To constantly maintain a high level of quality tailored to the needs of  even the most exigent clients;
  • To adopt development and management approaches guaranteeing long lasting results;
  • To achieve high profitability and efficiency, which will allow us to grow and meet our clients’ expectations.