Working With Us

DICON GROUP is currently implementing over 10 projects with more than 30 000 man-days with the participation of more than 400 senior, junior, international and local experts. The experts usually work as self-employed consultants on the basis of civil contracts for the duration of the project.
DICON GROUP applies for new projects when there is an announcement for public procurement and tenders published by the European Commission, the World Bank, etc. In addition, in the stage of projects implementation, we recruit also non-key experts. These positions and procedures are published on our web site and represent the greater part of our job announcements.

What we offer

We offer competitive remunerations, including full travel insurance, during the project implementation, 24-hour assistance to our consultants, on every work-related issue, logistics and individual needs. We encourage our experts to expand their professional and personal horizons by constantly improving the quality of their work and the scope of their involvement.

What we look for 

At present our company is providing consultancy on various public and private sector projects. We are looking for experts with innovative thinking who are loyal team players, with high personal and business morale, people who aim at delivering distinctive and lasting client impact, which also calls for adaptive individuals with great communication and people skills.

Recruitment process

There are five different categories for job opportunities:
To participate in the projects at the stage of their preliminary announcement: When a preliminary announcement about a forthcoming project is published, DICON GROUP could express its interest. The information we possess at this stage is limited and it is not clear when the procedure will be initiated. Nonetheless we start the process of preliminary selection and recruitment of experts.
To participate in the projects at the stage of call for proposals, letter of interest or submit an offer: At this stage we select experts to prepare the tender offer and we include them in the project team.
To participate in the implementation of projects for which DICON GROUP has signed contracts: Key experts are approved and mobilized for implementing the project activities. We start the process of identifying non-key experts in different positions. These experts should be included at certain stages of the project activities performing short-term and long-term tasks. Please, check whether your have the necessary qualification and experience. Follow the instructions in the announcement.
How to apply? If any of the published announcements is of interest to you, please follow the instructions carefully. Prepare the necessary documentation as required and send them in the required format. In case you have any general questions in regards to working with DICON GROUP, please contact us on e-mail:

Expert Charter

The expert charter is the basis for sound and stable professional relations with our experts founded on mutual respect and trust. 
Concerning the experts:
Technical aspect: 
  • Strong project management, organizational and technical support at any time;
  • Professional support and marketing of experts’ consultancy skills with an emphasis on their individual requirements 
Financial aspect: 
  • Timely payment according to negotiated terms and conditions for project implementation, outlined in legally-binding and fair contracts;
  • Additional engagements, opportunities for additional technical services.
Social aspect:
  • Flexibility, respect and care for the needs of every consultant;
  • Recognition of exceptional efforts which have contributed to the success of DICON GROUP.
What is required from the experts:
Corporate aspect: 
  • To defend the corporate positions and reputation of DICON GROUP with high professionalism and quality of work; 
  • Deep awareness of the sustainable link between the company and the clients 
  • Reports should comply with the requirements in the course of project implementation Deadlines should be met without compromising the high quality of the end product;
  • Commitment to the project management should be demonstrated, accompanied by attention to the requirements with respect to the manner of reporting and the expected results; Open and regular feedback on all aspects of the project implementation.
Personal Aspect: 
  • Experts act with discreetness and diplomacy and protect the confidentiality of clients and third parties;
  • The experts’ high level of professionalism must be fueled bypersonal input and maximum effort at all times. The key to success in our projects is the experts’ knowledge of all the latest developments in their field of work.
  • Experts should be honest, sincere and open to us; our common goal is to continuously improve our mutual work and honesty is a cornerstone to that.