A joint discussion working meeting was held on cases of HMWB modifications

On 16 and 17 March 2016 in Sofia, the Dicon-UBA Consortium held a working meeting  for the joint discussion and resolution of cases for HMWB modifications together with representatives of the experts from the Water Management Directorate at the MoEW and the four basin directorates, with regards to the implementation of project „Intercalibration of methods for analysis of biological quality elements (BQE) for surface water types in Bulgaria, corresponding to common European types in Geographical Intercalibration Groups“. The host and moderator of the meeting was Mr. Robert Konecny, team leader of the project. The following main topics were reviewed and discussed:

  • Review of the HMWB cases presented by the four Basin Directorates;
  • Review of the progress on the assessment of hydromorphology and determination of HMWB in Bulgaria;
  • Main pressure types for the water bodies in Bulgaria;
  • HMWB and GEP. Key topics of discussion: hydromorphological assessment, determination of HMWB and GEP assessment;
  • Guidance on HMWB and GEP – what are the requirements? A roadmap for the development of a Guidance and programme for application of the requirements for determining GEP.