Institutional Development and Capacity Building

The concept of institutional development and administrative capacity building is closely related to the notion of reforming and modernizing a given institution. This is a creative process - a transition to a new level of rational thinking, a striving and aspiration for new approaches and tools for problem solving. Institutional capacity building is immediately related to the ability of public sector organizations to identify and solve problems and to design and apply development programs.
DICON GROUP offers consultancy services for institutional development and reforms, capacity building, financial planning and management, strategic planning, and capacity building training programs. These services are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients, taking into consideration their organization’s respective resources and capacities.
Our approach to capacity building is in harmony with the belief that it is through training that changes are truly embraced within an organization. Training should be part of the strategy for human capital building and human resource development. It should be employee-specific and reflect the experience, age, educational level, position held and the participants’ requirements; it should inspire and motivate them. The positive and constructive feedback that DICON GROUP receives from public administration officials after each seminar indicates the level of professionalism and quality of our services. 


  • Institutional capacity building;
  • Management capacity strengthening and assimilation of EU funds; 
  • Strengthening the coordination mechanisms on an institutional level;
  • Development of the administrators’ capacity in the national, regional and local governments;
  • Development of public-private partnerships;
  • Supporting the civil society;