Globalization, liberalization and an ever increasing competition have a tangible economic and social impact. The declining importance of frontiers, the decentralization processes, and the dynamic technological changes must all be taken into account in a necessary new agenda for regional development. Pursuant to the European policy, the European regions receive support in their efforts to reach cohesion so that their regional disparities could be diminished and restricted. This process could hardly be completed without a precise identification of the strengths, issues and challenges facing the respective country’s society; it is also related to regional economies and innovations, and to obtaining a balanced urban development.
DICON GROUP works actively for the development of policies, key priorities and tools for sustainable regional development of small and medium size enterprises, innovations, environmental protection, transport, infrastructure, and territorial planning.


  • Economic, social and sectoral analyses and forecasts; 
  • Programming and strategic planning on local, regional and national level; 
  • Identification and project assessment; 
  • Project development and management; 
  • Analysis of stakeholders, communication plans and programs;
  • Cross-border cooperation.