Conducting trainings for improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided by the Commission for consumer protection (CCP) to the Bulgarian enterprises

Period of implementation:  June 2020 - September 2020

Implemented by: Dicon Group Ltd.

Contracting Authority: Commission for Consumer Protection (CCP)

Budget: 81 295.00 Euro

The main objectives under the contract are:

  • Increasing the capacity of Bulgarian enterprises for implementation of National and European policies for consumer protection;
  • Increasing the capacity of Bulgarian enterprises for work with Conciliation Commissions.

Project target groups arerepresentatives of Bulgarian business.

Activities set within the contract:

Activity 1: Developing a schedule for conducting trainings of two types;

Activity 2: Organizing and conducting 12 trainings of two types, as follows:

  • Trainings of type 1: Requirements of the Consumer Protection Act when offering services;
  • Trainings of type 2Training of traders applying specific trading methods – online sales, other types of distance contracts, contracts concluded outside a commercial establishment, etc.

Activity 3: Analysis of the achieved results and recommendations for follow-up actions.

The topics included in the training programs of both types are:

1.        Safety of goods under Consumer Protection Act (CPA);

2.        Right for information concerning consumer protection;

3.        Warranty and claims;

4.        Unfair commercial practices;

5.        Online trading. Trading outside the commercial site;

6.        Obligations of traders when trading with alcoholic beverages.

7.        Obligations of traders when offering and selling tobacco products.

8.        Requirements for traders for practicing  tour operator and travel agency activity;

9.        Requirements for traders for practicing hotel and restaurant activities;

10.     Requirements for traders for implementation of different trade methods – discounts, sales, promotions, etc.


Results from the implementation of the contract:

  • Prepared schedule for conducting trainings of two types;
  • Organized and conducted a total of 14 one-day trainings in the 6 planning regions - by 7 trainings of each type;
  • Built capacity of 494 business representatives for work with the Conciliation Commissions of CCP, for alternative dispute resolution as well as legislation and issues related to consumer protection. Vision for the necessary subsequent actions after implementation of the contract.