Lot 1 "Mapping and Determining the Nature Conservation Status of Invertebrate Animals"

Period of implementation: March 2011 - March 2013

Implemented by: Consortium "NATURA Bulgaria", with the leading role of Dicon Group Ltd. (Bulgaria) in partnership with Agriconsulting S.p.A (Italy). The Consortium is supported by 11 scientific and non-governmental Bulgarian organizations.

Contracting Authority: The Ministry of Environment and Water of Republic of Bulgaria

Budget: Euro 1,317,846.00

Project description:
Lot 1 "Mapping and Determining the Nature Conservation Status of Invertebrate Animals",  activity 4, project DIR - 59318-1-2 "Mapping and Determining the Nature Conservation Status of Natural Habitats and Species - Phase I", MoEW, Bulgaria.
The project is funded by the ERDF and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria through the Operational Programme “Environment 2007-2013“. The project beneficiary is National Service for Nature Protection (NSNP) at the Ministry of Environment and Water of Republic of Bulgaria.
The overall objective of the project is mapping and determining the nature conservations status of habitats and species according to 92/43/EEC Directive and determining the risk of wild birds - Directive 79/409/EEC.
The project implementation aims to assist Bulgarian NATURA 2000 network development and management. The results of its implementation provide the information needed for investment proposals compatibility assessment with the subject and objectives of protected areas conservation; provide baseline data for biodiversity monitoring, protected areas management and planning, as well as the data required for Bulgaria's reporting to the European Commission. 



Activity 1: Development of Methodologies for Mapping and Determining the Nature Conservation Status of Species.

Activity 2: Review and Assessment of the Available Species Data.

  • Development of national assessments of species distribution and determining FCS reference values.

Activity 3: Elaboration of Inventory plan.

Activity 4:  Training of the Field Experts.

Activity 5: Mapping the species habitats and the distribution of species populations.

  • Determining the potential borders of the species' habitats;
  • Verification the species' distribution borders;
  • GIS data processing for detection of the initial models, correcting the borders of real and potential distribution of species;
  • Stakeholders involvement;
  • Structuring of distribution geodata base;
  • GIS data input in specialized database, developed under the project "NATURA 2000 IT system";
  • Internal control and field data validation, data quality control.

Activity 6: Determining the conservation status on three levels: protected area, biogeographical and national.

  • Determining the conservations status on the base of field data collected;
  • Generalizing the field data on protected area level;
  • Comparison the field data with the exiting NATURA 2000 data base - analysis of the differences found; data base update.

Activity 7: Monitoring schemes in the protected areas. 

Activity 8: Field trainings of the RIEW/ Natural parks/ National Parks experts for implementation of the mapping and conservations status methodologies.

More than 100 experts and volunteers from Bulgaria and Europe are included in the Consortium Natura team. The activities are implemented on the territory of 210 protected areas in Bulgaria included in NATURA 2000 ecological network (Directive 92/43/EEC) and cover 40 invertebrate animal species.

The results from the contract implementation are published in the National Information System for Natura 2000 protected areas. (