Project COMPETE: Crucial competences and knowledge transfer in later life

Location: Bulgaria, Austria, Poland

Period of implementation: October 2007 - July 2009

Origin of funding:  Lifelong learning programme Grundtvig learning partnerships, EU

Implemented by: Dicon Group Ltd. (Bulgaria), Senioren Lernen Anders Strobl Gerda & Hauser Petra GnbR (Аustria), BD Center Consulting (Poland)

Client: Bulgarian companies and organizations in all economic sectors

The main objective of the project is the creation of an integrated program of four modules, through which to train employees from the Subordinated regions, who are over the age of 45. Through its active participation in the process of preparing, implementation and evaluation of the programs, they elucidate their key competences, they learn more about knowledge transfer and they find creative ways to turn their hobby into a source of profit.

After the successful passing of the trainings, each of them apply what they have learned in their work, as the most important are the ways to transfer their experience to younger employees. This allows adults to continue to lead full lives, to play a substantial role in the overall development of the enterprise, which ensures the sustainability and competitiveness of the business.


  • Discovering the needs of our target group in a short research.
  • Short research on possible similar programs performed in countries of the European Union and not participating in the partnership.
  • Preparing a training program in 4 parts, lasting 4-5 hours each. The program will be realized in one day meetings.
  • Brochure on promoting the program
  • Realization of the program in Bulgaria, Austria and Poland
  • Evaluation report on the project.

Topics of seminars:

  • Encouraging creativity in searching for new ways of transferring knowledge onto others in the community.
  • Knowledge transfer on workplace and in the community.
  • What are my crucial competences?
  • How can my hobby become a source of profit?