Assistance for Elaboration of Municipal Programs for Protection of the Environment for the Municipalities of Krichim, Bratsigovo, Peshtera, Satovcha, Garmen, Rakitovo and Batak (Bulgaria)

Period of implementation: August 2008 – April 2009

Implemented by: Dicon Group Ltd (leading organization) in partnership with the Borrowed Nature Association

Contracting Authority: UNDP

Client: Rhodope Project

Budget: Euro 52,561.00



The assignment is part of the Rhodope Project, aiming at conserving globally significant biodiversity in the Eastern and Western Rhodopes landscapes through the attainment of two final objectives:

  • Landscape-scale conservation effectively operationalized in the Eastern and Western Rhodopes;
  • Stakeholders integration of biodiversity into resource management and economic development policy and practice.


  • Comprehensive review of the existing legislation (Bulgarian and European) regulating the preparation / implementation of  MPPEs;
  • Conducting of introductory meetings with relevant municipalities’ representatives and municipal focus groups and discussing the process of MEPP developing, including stakeholder involvement;
  • Agreeing on the individual steps and deadlines of the MEPP elaboration process, including a timetable for consultations and public hearings with the stakeholders;
  • Review of all existing strategic documentation (strategies, planes, programs, planned activities, land use and spatial planning, etc.) of the respective municipality;
  • Assist and facilitating the process of formation of municipal working groups under MPPE;
  • Proposal and agreeing with the relevant municipal group under MPPE on the detailed structure (content and worked plan) of the strategy and the process of its elaboration;
  • Supporting the key meetings of the relevant working groups, summarizing the outcomes of the meetings and ensuring their reflection in the drafts of MPPEs;
  • Review and preparing comments on working documentation, elaborated by the relevant working groups;
  • Assist with the organization, participation and supporting reflection of the relevant results and comments from the public hearings on the content of the documents developed. Coordinating of the respective draft documents with the relevant regional government structures (RIEW, local offices of EFA; Municipal Agricultural Offices);
  • MPPE development on behalf of the relevant municipality;
  • Determining whether each of the elaborated MPPEs is an object of ecological assessment and assisting the process if necessary;
  • Preparation of a report describing all processes in each individual municipality, their positive and negative sides, achievements, the lessons learned, examples of good practices and recommendations for improving the process. 


Developed 7 Municipal Programs for Protection of the Environment for the period of five years 2009 – 2013, including evaluation of the relevant municipal environmental policies, evaluation of formerly elaborated environmental programs and projects, analysis of the main goals and results, integration of environmental care into the resource management process and economic development policy, elaboration of a biodiversity policy; consultation for the elaboration of planning and environment protection projects based on the prospects for EU financing.