Technical Assistance to SME Development

Location: Macedonia

Period of implementation: May - July 2008

Client: Ministry of Economy SME Department

Main objective of the project:

Support to the economic growth and improve the business climate in the country through fostering development and performance of SMEs. Under the project will pursue the ongoing transition from capacity building and policy advice to implementation of the relevant national programmes via business support infrastructure. As a consequence, the following three issues should be addressed by the various project components and activities:

  • Promoting and fostering competitiveness and innovation in the country's SME sector, in areas such as: Scientific and technical innovation for SMEs and Information and communication technology, e-Commerce, e-Readiness for SMEs, etc.
  • Promotion of Entrepreneurship
  • Support to and expansion of the Public Private Dialogue (PPD) mechanism

Specific objectives:

  • To improve the SME operational environment through strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Economy, the Agency for Entrepreneurship Promotion (AEP) and existing SME support infrastructure in the country to implement and monitor SME support activities ;
  • To assist in improvement of the dialogue between the Government and the business sector on enterprise envelopment policies and legislation by strengthening existing and/or building new mechanisms for continuous communication between the public and private sector.

Services provided by Dicon as short term expertise:

1. Encourage locally based "mini forums" hosted by BSOs
2. Encourage links at local level between Municipalities, Local Forum members and BSOs;
3. Develop and present a 1 day LED Good Practice Workshop,
4. Carry out a second series of IPA/CIP workshops (2x2Days); 5. Follow up 2 day session for BSOs with real project concepts,
6. Review, comment and report on project concept papers