Encouraging the eco-friendly business in the cross-border region Topolovgrad (Bulgaria) – Buyukkaristiran (Turkey), 2007 CB16IPO008- 2009-1-22

Period of implementation: December 2011 - June 2012

Location: Bulgaria, Turkey

Client: Municipalities of Topolovgrad and Buyukkaristiran

Project description:

The overall objective of the project is to establish a CB network of cooperation between Bulgarian and Turkish enterprises in the field of agriculture, food processing and textile industry which aims to identify the basic negative effects on the environment and take measures to reduce them.

The specific objectives of the project are to establish CB partnerships for exchanging of best practices and know-how in terms of sustainable eco-friendly development of agriculture, food–processing and textile industries; encourage the sustainable use of natural resources and popularization of eco-friendly environmental technologies and practices; raise the awareness of business about the negative effects of the processing activities and out-of-dated technologies on the environment and forming an active attitude towards necessity of efficiently use of common natural resources; create a proper conditions for conversion of 3 pilot companies by the three main sectors in the target CB region to eco-friendly technology.

The consulting services are assigned by two contracts and include conduction of trainings aiming to form an active attitude towards the necessity of efficient use of common natural resources; provision of consulting services to 3 selected pilot companies for implementing of eco-friendly technologies; elaboration of an Agenda including measures for eco-friendly business; preliminary studies of the negative impact rate on the environmental factors; identifying the main pollutants and their impact on local environment; proposing business measures to reduce the emissions & conversion to eco-friendly manufactures; preparation of analyses of the negative impact rate.