Creation of Green Training Centre of Shabla


Period of implementation: June 2009 – April 2011

Location: Bulgaria

Norwegian Partner: Sondre Land

Beneficiary: Shabla Municipality

Origin of Funding: Norwegian Cooperation Programme


Project Descrition:
The Municipality of Shabla is located in the North-East part of Bulgaria on the Black Sea Coast. It is known for its rich and valuable cultural and natural heritage. The fast economic and tourist development of the region gradually destroys the environment and unfortunately flora and fauna loose their territory. Raising the awareness about the environment and sensitizing of the local community and the tourists become an urgent issue for the region. The overall objective of the  roject is to preserve the natural and historical heritage of the municipality through raising awareness аnd sustainable development knowledge. The purpose of the project is the establishment of an operational Green Training Centre which to provide information and training facilities to local community and people visiting the area.

1. Renovation of the municipality owned historical building of an old school;
2. Adaptation of the building to the needs of a training and promotional centre for environmental and tourist activities;
3. Capacity building and exchange of know-how and experience between partners;
4. Monitor the numbers and breeding success of Red-breasted Goose at Shabla and Durankulak Lakes;
5. Establishment of the training centre IT system.
6. Development of training programmes;
7. Training of trainers.
8. Publicity and promotion of the results.

Our role:
As a local partner Dicon consulted the process of project management providing its specific input to capacity building, know-how transfer, trainings and publicity. A specific activity assigned to Dicon was the development of a marketing strategy and business plan for long-term operation of the newly build center.

The project resulted in creation of a modern Green Training Centre providing trainings and information for the different members of the society. The Centre represents a unique facility in the region with such functionality and scope. It contributes to the raising of public awareness and attractiveness of the municipality. The Centre functions by involving children and tourist in the nature conservation activities. The commitment of the local authorities ensures the sustainable effect of the project achievements. The project enhanced the capacity building and transfer of know-how through the cooperation between the Shabla municipality and Sondre Land. The cooperation was realized through exchange of expertise, information about wise use of wetlands, temporary exhibitions, examples of good practice, educational programmes for schools, organization of common action and other networking activites between the Shabla Centre and DNWC.