Demonstration Project on Improvement of The Street Lightening in Topolovgrad Municipality

Location: Bulgaria

Period of implementation: 06.2009 - 06.2010

Beneficiary: Topolovgrad Municipality

Origin of Funding: Norwegian Cooperation Programme

Norwegian Partners: Fjell Municipality, SINTEF

Bulgarian partners: Dicon Group, LAG Topolovgrad

Project description:

The Municipality of Topolovgrad is located in Southeastern Bulgaria.. The local authorities considered the opportunity to improve the municipal infrastructure applying the best "green" solutions. Topolovgrad Municipality and their Norwegian partners developed a project idea for elaboration and implementation of a model for municipal energy saving planning. The project envisaged development of an approach for energy saving municipal planning and improving the street lightening system in the area as a pilot case. The project aims at:

  • better knowledge of the new energy saving practices;
  • improvement of energy efficiency;
  • better safety of the streets at night.


  1. Municipal planning for energy saving sustainable development, including elaboration of a Municipal multiannual action plan for energy saving sustainable development;
  2. Implementation of energy saving practices and generation of new project ideas – trainings and preparation of Best Practice Strategy;
  3. Pilot Case – Street Lightening - Installation of street lightening equipment including system for monitoring and control; Lightening event;
  4. Popularization of Topolovgrad as a sustainable energy managed municipality. Elaboration and conduction of a media plan;
  5. Publicity and promotion of the project results.

Our role:

As a local partner Dicon consulted the process of project management providing its specific input to capacity building and know-how transfer and trainings. A specific activities assigned to Dicon were the elaboration the Municipal multiannual action plan for energy saving sustainable development and planning of new energy saving projects ideas.


The project resulted in improving the lightening in all 21 settlements of Topolovgrad, reducing the energy costs, promoting the energy saving technologies and implementing new practices. А method for municipality energy saving planning is presented. The installation of the street lightening infrastructure is a Pilot case of Energy saving practice and contributes to the perception of Topolovgrad Municipality as a modern and attractive, a better organized and safe place.