Elaboration of National Priority Action Framework for NATURA 2000



Period of implementation:  March 2013 – June 2014

Implemented by: Consortium Dicon – Agreco with the leading role of Dicon Group Ltd. (Bulgaria) in partnership with Agreco GEIE (Belgium).

Contracting Authority: The Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria of Republic of Bulgaria

Budget:  Euro 1,642,781.00


Main objective:

The main objective of the project is to support Bulgaria’s efforts and specifically the efforts of the Ministry of Environment and Water in the effective management of Natura 2000 protected areas during the new programming period (2014-2020), through the elaboration of a National Prioritized Action Framework (NPAF) in accordance with the requirements of art. 8 of the EU Habitats Directive.

Specific objectives:

  • To define clear priorities, measures and activities for the effective management of the Natura 2000 protected areas in Bulgaria;
  • To identify potential financing opportunities for the Natura 2000 network through different funds, incl. by EU, during the new funding period 2014-2020.
  • To ensure the integration of the funding of Natura 2000 network in the usage of the corresponding financial instruments of the EU within the new programming period.

In achieving these objectives, Consortium Dicon-Agreco has been engaged to complete the following project tasks
Task 1: Elaboration of an introductory part of the document (NPAF)
The activities on this task provide the necessary information for the elaboration of the priorities and determination of the measures and activities for the effective management of the Natura 2000 areas in Bulgaria during the period 2014-2020. This information includes:

  • Report 1: Justification for the need to develop a NPAF, legal framework, requirements of the Habitats Directive.
  • Report 2: Analysis of the key benefits of the effective management of the Natura 2000 network in Europe. Analysis of the benefits of developing a NPAF at a European and national level.
  • Report 3: Analysis and the NPAF connection with Objective 1 of the “Biodiversity Strategy 2020” (Strategic Objective 1).

Task 2: Elaboration of the National Prioritized Action Framework (NPAF) within the scope, prescribed by the European Commission:

  1. The Natura 2000 framework in Bulgaria: General information. Introduction.
  2. Conservation status of the nature habitats and species;
  3. Related legal and administrative requirements;
  4. Current experience of the use of European financial instruments;
  5. Assessment of the financial needs for the management of the Natura 2000 protected areas in Bulgaria;
  6. Strategic conservation priorities for Natura 2000 on the territory of Bulgaria for the period 2014-2020;
  7. Description of the key measures to ensure the priorities;
  8. Monitoring, assessment and updating of the NPAF for Natura 2000.

Task 3: Stakeholders involvement
Carrying out of activities aiming to raise the awareness of NPAF, consultations with stakeholders, obtaining data and information from them, further development of their capacity. The task’s scope also includes elaboration, approval and implementation of a Strategy for cooperation with the stakeholders.

Task 4: Capacity building for implementation of the NPAF
The activities on this task ensure the needed knowledge and experience for execution of the NPAF to 400 employees of:

  • The Ministry of Environment and Waters, which will be responsible for the execution of the NPAF, through organization of thematic training sessions;
  • The Managing Authorities of the other funding programmes in Bulgaria, responsible for financing the activities included in the NPAF;
  • The Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water;
  • The Basin Directorates;
  • The Directorates of National Parks.

The NPAF of Bulgaria includes 113 measures for implementation of 5 priorities.

For the purposes of monitoring, evaluating and updating the Framework a system has been developed including 78 indicators, the reporting of which is allocated to funding programmes.