Technical Assistance in Support of the Future CBC Programme Between Bulgaria and Greece - BG 2006/018-387.04.01.01

Period of implementation: November 2008 – November 2009

Implemented by: Ecorys (leading partner) in partnership with Dicon Group Ltd., Ecorys SEE, BIM Consulting

Contracting Authority: The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of Republic of Bulgaria

Budget: Euro 1,415,970.00


The objective of the technical assistance (TA) is to strengthen the cross-border cooperation between Bulgaria and Greece by supporting the programming process and increasing the capacity for Structural funds absorption.

Specific objectives:

  • Strengthening the capacity to generate, develop and implement cross-border projects between Bulgaria and Greece.
  • Support to the relevant central, regional and local authorities in their efforts to support the Joint Technical Structures for Program Management and management of future projects after Bulgaria’s accession to the EU.

Activities - implemented in two phases:

Preparatory phase:

  • The Preparatory phase starts with evaluation of already selected project ideas, whose number is increased by carrying out a supplementary session. For this purpose a selection and evaluation methodology has been elaborated.
  • Preliminary analyses aiming at detailed assessment of the project ideas are elaborated during the preparatory phase, as follows: viability, financial and economic feasibility; technical capacity and resources; market applicability, stakeholders’ analysis; cost-benefit analysis etc.  

Real implementation phase:

  • Preparation of feasibility studies and project studies: feasibility studies, economic and technical project studies,  revenue-cost analyzes, financial planes, marketing studies, work projects;
  • Preparation of technical studies - environmental impact assessment, technical studies, architectural and engineering drawings;
  • Development of the project ideas to ready-to-go projects - determination of the project results; description of the project activities; description of the project resources; description of the objectives and performance indicators; description of the internal and external evaluation procedures, information sources and reporting mechanisms, preparation of tender documentation and Bill of Quantities.
  • Development of specialized reports and thematic analyses – including findings, recommendations and proposals to be used by the final beneficiaries of the projects.

The Consortium has built a structure of 3 specialized management and expert units:

  • Technical unit managing the entire technical-project preparation process - feasibility studies, engineering, architectural solutions and plans, designing;
  • A thematic expertise unit on the themes of individual projects - ecology, tourism, transport, health care, cultural activities, archeology, training etc.;
  • A project development unit - this unit is responsible for the project implementation outputs and includes experts in project development and management.

Dicon Group participates in the three units with its experts, as is responsible for the management of the Project Development Unit. The Company provides the required communication and coordination among the individual units, all stakeholders and the final beneficiaries of the projects.


59 ready-to-go projects, as more than 30 of which are investment projects.  30 project proposals are submitted for funding within the first open call for proposal of CBC Bulgaria-Greece Program.

In the course of implementation of the contract, capacity of the local authorities' representatives is built for ensuring the necessary continuity and sustainability of the results achieved.