Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Investment Proposal for Construction of a New Nuclear Unit of the Latest Generation at Kozloduy NPP Site

Period of implementation:  November 2012 – January 2015

Implemented by: Consortium "Dicon - Acciona Ing." with the leading role of Dicon Group Ltd. (Bulgaria) in partnership with Acciona Ing. (Spain).

Contracting Authority: Nuclear Power Plant Kozloduy - New Powers

Budget:  Euro 1,428,344.00                    


Project Objective:

The EIA aims to assess the impact on the environment of building a new nuclear unit on site of Kozloduy NPP, by taking into account the cumulative effect of the joint exploitation of all facilities located there. The scope of the EIA report includes also the assessment of potential transboundary impact, as well as assessment of the degree of impact of the project on protected areas located in proximity.

Environmental Impact Assessment:

  • The EIA procedure is part of the preventive measures taken to control and reduce the negative impact on the environment. It is implemented in order to assess the impact of an investment proposal on the environment.

Assessment of the impact of the investment proposal on the subject and objectives of the protected areas

  • Investment proposals that fall within the boundaries of NATURA 2000 protected areas must be a subject to an assessment of their impact and their compliance with the subject and objectives of the protected areas, in which they fall. This assessment is made by a specialist in the respective field, who has the necessary experience and qualification.


  1. Development of a program for ensuring quality.
  2. Development of Terms of Reference for the scope and contents of the EIA report.
  3. Preparation of the EIA report.
  4. Assessment of the report by MOEW.
  5. Holding Public hearings on the EIA report in Bulgaria and in transboundary area (Romania).
  6. Decision of MOEW on the EIA report

Results and products: the final product is based on a detailed analysis of the existing situation, a forecast of the expected impacts on the environment, and comparative analysis of four possible sites where one of two possible technologies (units) may be located. It includes:

  • Terms of reference for the scope and content of a EIA report;
  • Environmental impact assessment report of the investment project for building a new nuclear unit on the Kozloduy NPP site, including a section on Transboundary impact, as per the requirements of the Espoo convention;
  • Impact assessment report of the investment proposal on the subject and objectives of the protected areas;
  • Non-technical summary of the EIA Report.

These reports are necessary to enable the Council of Ministers to decide on the construction of a new nuclear unit, which is necessary for submitting a request for approval of the selected site by the Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency. This decision is an individual administrative act of the competent authority, which approves at the earliest stage the eligibility for implementation the investment proposal.