Elaboration of a National Information and Communication Strategy for the Natura 2000 Network

Period of implementation: July 2012 – February 2013

Contracting Authority: Ministry of the Environment and Water of Republic of Bulgaria

Implemented by: Dicon Group Ltd.

The main objective of the project is the elaboration of national information and communication strategy for the Natura 2000 eco-network. This will generate a vast public support and commitment and will promote the objectives of the network. An additional objective of the project is the preparation of the wide public and the stakeholders for the development of a consensus approach for the management of protected areas.

Main activities:

Activity 1: Conduction of 10 communication meetings

Activity 2: Elaboration of a questionnaire and conduction of a survey

Activity 3: Conduction of consultative meetings

Activity 4: Elaboration of the NICS

Activity 5: Conduction of a national competition for a motto of the NICS

Activity 6: Media coverage during the process of elaboration of the NICS

Activity 7: Conduction of a National Concluding Press-conference

Activity 8: Management and administration of the process of elaboration and approval of the NICS